Eliminates and Out Performs Grease for Superior Road Handling Performance
Welcome to The Revolver, a revolutionary achievement in driving performance.

The Revolver is the ABSOLUTE BEST Lube-Free connection for heavy duty trailers. When ordering a new trailer or replacing the upper coupler plate or kingpin,... Reach for The Revolver™.

Extraordinary Guarantee: 10 years or 1,000,000 miles.

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75% Less Friction
FACT: The Revolver Reduces Friction by 75% as compared to a fully greased fifth wheel. The patented "Rotating Dual Surface Design" MAXIMIZES load bearing strength and provides seamless smooth operation at all times, in all conditions.

* Superior Road Handling and Maneuvering
* Increased Productivity, Faster Operations
* Reduced Down Time, Lower Operating Costs
* Extended Trailer Life
* Increased Safety
* Environmentally Friendly
* Unsurpassed Warranty


The Revolver™ is designed not only for long-tem roadway use but also for the most rigorous applications. Currently, The Revolver™ is approved and in use by: The U.S. Military (TACOM) as well as Canadian fuel and ore hauling multi-trailer "B-Trains". The Revolver™ is also a standard list item on Pitts Logging Equipment and Peerless Corporations Chip Trailers.