The Revolver

It’s no surprise that the squeaky fifth wheel doesn’t always get the grease. That is the age-old fifth wheel problem. A problem that results in “steel grinding on steel”, creating screeching, juddering, and a very heavy non-responsive vehicle. It's a tractor-trailer combination that can result in frustration at best, or much worse, a disaster.

Now, there is a genuine solution – The Revolver. It not only eliminates grease, but more importantly, it out performs grease for superior handling performance. Superior handling means driving with greater control, greater comfort, and being able to get-in and get-out more quickly and easily for faster loading operations.

The Revolver is a completely greaseless coupling system that works night & day, year in and year out, in any climate hot or cold, wet or dry, with virtually no maintenance and little attention. In fact, it performs so well, you will forget the revolver coupler is working for you.


Improved road handling performance with The Revolver™ can be felt the first time, and every time, you drive with it. It begins with easier coupling – even with misalignments. The Revolver™ disc rotates to align the trailer for greater ease in final coupling. Even backing up and tight turns in highly congested areas are easier. In addition, greater steering control means no need to oversteer to correct a non-responding trailer. The Revolver™ even reduces the bumps & grinds of everyday driving. The quiet, low friction, shock absorbing Revolver disc that reduces poor handling also promotes driver comfort. Gone is the thunderous noise of an empty trailer banging on the fifth wheel.

Safety also takes on a new dimension with the improved handling qualities The Revolver delivers. High winds and slippery road conditions can be handled with greater ease and less stress when driving with The Revolver™. Even in bad weather, drive tire skids and bumpsteering are virtually eliminated. Over/Under steering is significantly reduced, providing safer and more comfortable handling under all road conditions. The Revolver™ is especially with important when hauling shifting loads, oversize loads, or loads that are hazardous or simply too expensive for any unnecessary risks.


In addition to greater handling for improved productivity, the revolver also reduces down time and lower operating costs.

Say good bye to the expensive and time consuming ritual of fifth wheel greasing and high maintenance costs. The Revolver's unique design and high tech material eliminates fifth wheel plate greasing and steel grinding on steel.

The Revolver quickly pays for itself with extended tire wear, less kingpin wear and increased life of suspension related components. And for more savings, it also reduces chassis and cab fatigue and eliminates fifth wheel and upper coupler plate wear. Bottom Line: The Revolver adds value to your trailer.


With tighter EPA regulations and increasing energy concerns, today’s trucking industry is sensitive to the environmental and energy issues. For fifth wheel grease, a conservative but staggering estimate is 15 million pounds annually pollutes our highways or is washed down floor drains or into parking lots. With The Revolver ™ you can keep our highways (and your shop floor) cleaner. You save money and conserve energy, and in the process you do something good for the environment.


No one offers a more extensive guarantee that The Revolver™ – Period. Guaranteed for 10 years or 1,000,000 miles, The Revolver™ Limited Warranty is unsurpassed.

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